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I believe in the best regardless of the situation, I believe that even in the most challenging conditions there is beauty, emotion, joy, and laughter. My sight is unique and different; it is intentional. To achieve what I love, to get those pieces that will be passed down from generation to generation, I need your trust. I understand that guiding you through this journey is what will deliver the best experience.   

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You are here for a reason, you see something special in yourself and in these photographs. Trusting your photographer is a high priority for you. You believe that through capturing these moments you will be able to relive the most precious time that you had with the love of your life, your guests, the small conversations that took place, and the details of your day that made it so special. You want your memories to echo through your home and through the hearts that enter.  Whether life moves fast or slow, one aspect that will stand true is your choice for each other.

I strive to stand shoulder to shoulder with you in the belief that your legacy should be a foundation for which to build your future.

believe in the value of creating a legacy worth telling


After You are done laughing 


I am a connoisseur of fun socks and fine cat photos. I am not a vegan, I just eat healthy food. My alias to my family is Bear Claw. There are no woodland creatures in my beard. Yo trabajo World wide, which means "I" trabajo World wide. (It is Spanish.) My clients come from all over the World. I could eat pancakes every morning, my wife and daughter are sick of them. I love showing people my dog's tricks she can do. I often say humorous things that only I laugh at in my head.... (Don't worry, I wont ruin your wedding with one.) I do have a coffee obsession, like most Americans.

My wife and daughter mean the world to me. I have too many scarves and don't wear any of them. I shoot with two hands, figure that one out. I love prints, oh man, I said it. Crossfit, let's just say "cross training" so that we can be friends. It is the small moments that count. I love to wink. Photography is a way to capture the moments we are experiencing. My love for this life keeps growing, it is reflected in my photography!  

the photographer behind the lens

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