Bonneville Salt Flats Workshop // Salt Lake City, UT, Photographer // Salt Lake City Workshop

What an amazing time in Salt Lake City! I had the privilege of leading, alongside my good friend Chad Diblasio, some amazing photographers in their pursuit in their education. It is one of my passions to not only educate, but add value to peoples lives through Mentorship. If there is one thing I feel is missing from this industry, it is having mentors that walk with you through the process of learning and leading yourself in a greater pursuit of your dreams and goals.

The Workshop was not your typical one day event, Chad and I set out to create something much more unique, a time and place where people could come and do life together for three days. We focused on changing the way we, as photographers, look at our craft, through discussing the power of guiding our clients vs. being the hero in their story, limiting choices for both you and your clients, understanding the different forms of communication that take place throughout your booking process, being a leader worth following, shooting techniques, communicating value to your clients, and much more. The beauty in it is that we both wanted to see authentic change, so the monitorship continues even after the conclusion of the three days.

To learn more head over to my contact page if you are interested in the next workshops and details. =)

***Also, pay attention, tomorrow Chad and I are releasing a special for those that are attending Showit United 2018. We will be doing a Facebook Live at 12pm PST/3pm EST. Go check it out!

Thank you to all our models that so willingly helped and gave of their time to make this possible. Also, thank you to the attendees for believing in yourselves and pushing hard to make it to Salt Lake City. You guys are the best, and I cannot wait to see your business grow! Below, are a handful of images from the shoot.

Cheers and thanks for looking!

Interested in more Workshops like this, check out my Workshop Page!!!!


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