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Couplie Couples are my favorite of the favoritest at 8 am. I like it. Cheers, ~Montana

They brought the BeesKnees all the way from Canada. I am a lucky guy. Cheers!!! ~Montana

This week has been super busy, but I have finally had a chance to sit down and get these shots up. This is purely film, no digital!!! I decided to take my buddy, Todd, and his lady friend, Josie, out for a little shoot. Josie was visiting from Washington state for a week, I thought […]

As some of you may know, I have started shooting film and have fallen in love with the process. Magic happens when I press that shutter and know that I got the shot. It is a process, a way of connecting with the couple or individual on another level. The shutter is a way of […]

This is Christina Duncan and I approve these photos! First up, the film! I am loving shooting in partial film, the colors and everything about it is so timeless. And of course the epics! Thanks!!! ~Montana