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Gosh….. The best of the best! I seriously have the best clients in the World. Kristina and Adam are the real deal and I cannot wait for their wedding! Cheers and thanks for looking! ~Montana


Encino Hills Engaements // Encino Hills, CA, Wedding Photographer // Kristina and Adam

I Quentin Tarantino’d this! Started with the end. Enjoy! Cheers and thanks for looking! ~Montana


Kings Park Engagement Photography // Long Island, NY, Wedding Photographer // Jacqueline and Nick

This wedding was a blast and a half. I am so honored to have been there for Jen and Kyle’s wedding at Twin Oaks Garden Estate Wedding. The venue was amazing with its vintage feel and rustic escapes to take photos. I always find areas at venues that you would never expect to shoot in, […]

Twin Oaks Garden Estate, Wedding

Twin Oaks Garden Estate Wedding Photography // San Marcos, CA, Wedding Photographer // Jen and Kyle

Madison and Hayden’s Wedding was a blast attach x one million! That’s a lot of blast attacks. =) All joking aside, these two were fantastic and their choice in locations were super rad. They got married at Alice Keck Park, in down town Santa Barbara, and then had their reception at Villa and Vine on […]

Alice Keck Park, Villa and Vine, Wedding

Villa and Vine Wedding Photos // Santa Barbara, CA, Wedding Photographer // Madison and Hayden

Ziza and Joaquin = Champions at life! What an amazing couple. Their wedding took place in Pasadena California at a close friends home. It was unique to say the least, and it was so rad to see all their family come together to support them and bring the whole event together to celebrate their love. […]


Pasadena Wedding Photography // Pasadena, CA, Wedding Photographer // Ziza and Joaquin