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Wow! What a fun session with Namneet and Ian in Santa Barbara for their creative engagement photos. We had so much fun going around downtown Santa Barbara at the Santa Barbara courthouse and then going out to the Goleta Butterfly Preserve. These two are nothing short of being the sweetest people ever, and these photos […]

Couple silhouette photographed through a puddle on the ground with warm sunlight coming through photograph at the butterfly preserve in Goleta California
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Creative Santa Barbara Engagement Photos // Namneet & Ian

What an amazing year! A look backwards on 2022 and all the amazing couples that trusted me with their big days and their stories. Each one of these photos holds a special moment in the creative process that is striking for its own reasons. It would be hard to share all the photos, from each […]

Engagement, Wedding

2022 in Review by Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer Montana Dennis

I always say I have the best clients in the World. The reason why, you might ask? They pursue each other with intention and lean into life with creativity and passion. That story alone will be a foundation in marriage for years to come! Deanna and Andrew are the Beez-neez…. Bees-knees…? Business? I don’t know, […]

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Santa Clarita engagement Photography // Santa Clarita, CA Photographer // Deanna & Andrew

I love learning what makes two people so special to each other and how they want to move forward in their marriage fostering the good in their hearts. These two love each others strength and intentionality, their warmth and confidence, their ability to try and push through with a humble spirit. Capturing people’s true spirit […]

Creative Santa Barbara Engagement Photography
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Down Town Santa Barbara Couples Photography // Santa Barbara, CA, Engagement Photography // Roxanne and Jason