2022 in Review by Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer Montana Dennis

What an amazing year! A look backwards on 2022 and all the amazing couples that trusted me with their big days and their stories. Each one of these photos holds a special moment in the creative process that is striking for its own reasons. It would be hard to share all the photos, from each wedding, in this one post, as the format creates natural boundaries. These photographs are the stand alone, moving and creative captures, that give you insight into my vision and the amazing couples that hire me. 

During our time together, I talk a lot about vision; it is important to consider when thinking through your day and how you want your photos to represent your love for each other. Being able to see the gold in two people, in any given situation, while creating artwork for and of them, is what I hold dear to my heart. There is enough vision in the World for the next cool car, the new phone, the house we want to buy, the lifestyle we should live, etc. The moments below are those that stop you in your tracks and allow your relationship to be seen, highlighted, and valued. ❤️

I have traveled all over the World from California, New York, Italy, Spain, Mexico, and New Zealand to name a few, and this job still never gets old.

I do not take creating for each one of these amazing couples lightly and I know that these moments will live on for generations to come. Enjoy the artful captures that are full of emotions, play, and that help create more joyful relationships! Plus some of my amazing selfies with my couples! 😉👌🏻

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