Twin Oaks Garden Estate Wedding Photography // San Marcos, CA, Wedding Photographer // Jen and Kyle

This wedding was a blast and a half. I am so honored to have been there for Jen and Kyle’s wedding at Twin Oaks Garden Estate Wedding. The venue was amazing with its vintage feel and rustic escapes to take photos. I always find areas at venues that you would never expect to shoot in, but this place had plenty of inspiration to work with.

Epic wedding, amazing people, fantastic atmosphere, and an incredible community around these two people. Enjoy!
Couple embracing in the trees at Twin Oaks Garden Estate
Cheers and thanks for looking. If you would like to see their engagement session click this link!

Note to my couple: Jen and Kyle, you two are the raddest with a side of Cheese Puffs and a coke with a slice of lime….. I don’t know if anyone likes that, but, maybe try it sometime. 😉 Thank you again for everything and I hope that these photos last a lifetime. Keep choosing each other every single day, it’s worth it!

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