A year in review // Thank you 2018

2017 and 2018 proved to be some of the hardest years I have gone through personally and in my business. All of which I would love to write a blog on, but for now, just know that they were two years of constant learning, growth, breaking, stretching, and fruit I have ever seen in my life. 2018 I felt all of it coming to a beautiful peak, and now that I am there, I can see the next peak, but my goal is to walk hand and hand with God through this next season understanding his faithfulness and wisdom in guiding me to the purpose and value that my life leads with.

2018 was amazing, and I truly have the best clients in the World, they love each other so well, they lead a life of purpose and see the value in capturing the moments where their love is a continuous action, not just a feeling. Cheers to all of you that stepped into who you are and allowed me to capture you.

Thank you so much for investing in your memories with value and purpose! You all are amazing and I cannot wait for this year and what is in store! I am so excite to meet all of you!!!



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