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Can you guess my favorite comedy movie? Leave a comment letting me know. If you get it right you will get a free 1 hour, online, one on one session with me. Only one winner and one comment/answer per person. First to answer correctly wins. Cheers! ~Montana Note to my couple: I am so glad […]

Rock hand held high and some head banging happening. =) Got bring in the new year with these two! Cheers Y’all ~Montana Happy 2018!!!

I could for sure have a donut every morning with coffee. Thanks for looking! ~Montana Note to my couple: Best………..ever. The end. Love you guys.

This is where I insert my evil laugh!!! MuuuuuuuuuuUAAAAAHHHHHaaaaaa!!!!! Cheers and thanks for looking! ~Montana Note to my couple: You two are amazing. Thank you for having me and allowing me to serve you two in such a unique way. Blessings are such treasure, and I was without a doubt blessed by you two on […]

So this is one of 30 blogs that need to be put up. Anyone out there so busy they can’t blog?? Just me? Ok…. Thanks for looking! Cheers! ~Montana Note to couple: Thank you so much for showing me what it means to have priorities straight in your marriage. Thank you for investing such amazing […]